Plastic linings are particularly successful in overcoming build up in hoppers and silos and reducing the likelihood of discharge problems including ratholing, core flow and product degradation. In addition they act as a wear resistant lining extending service life.

MHP offers a range of stock materials for particular applications

UHMW PE (Ultra-high molecular weight Polyethylene)

Very low coefficient of friction makes UHMWPE the first choice for lining fine materials hoppers. It is also used as a low friction wear pad under conveyor belts and as on impact bars and troughs.

MHP Superlining

This is an enhanced version of the above with enhanced low friction capabilities by the addition of molybdenum disulphide to the mix (molyslip) for ultimate self cleaning properties with a small reduction in abrasion resistance.

Polyurethane Linings

The prime property of PU is outstanding abrasion resistance and this product finds application in simple scraper blades skirts and wear panels. It does not have the very low friction properties of UHMWPE but is well suited to handling readymixed concrete and similar high abrasion situations.

MHP has a comprehensive manufacture and fitting service for these materials and we carry a range of suitable specialist self threading fasteners.