Drum Scrapers

Sometimes, despite extremely compact designs, there is insufficient space to install an underbelt scraper, or deal with the tailings, in which case a drum scraper is the best option. Modern designs have developed a long way in recent years and equipment for  effective, long term scraping of abrasive materials is now readily available.

AP R 200 K7 SB r5Heavy Duty APR Drum scraper

The APR is the culmination of 30 years development and incorporates segmental blades and rubber sprung supports to achieve outstanding cleaning performance combined with minimum maintenance. The blades are available in PU, tungsten or ceramic depending on the application. It is also offered in a cassette variation, where the blade can be removed from the side for ease of maintenance where access to the scraper is restricted.


New “Z” Drum scraper for belt widths up to 1200mm

Development is continuous, based on our field experience worldwide, and the “Z” scraper incorporates the latest maintenance reducing features in a modular system to suit a wide range of applications.

apra modele lameImage3APRA-r2

Improved “NT” Drum scraper

This recent development of the traditional rubber mounted “arm type” drum scraper is often used with granular materials where resistance to build-up is not the main concern.