Spillage Control

Planned Spillage control is good practice in any bulk handling situation but is primarily an issue with belt conveyors. The true costs of this problem are frequently hidden but include.

  • Clear up costs
  • Belt damage owing to misalignment
  • Premature idler failure
  • Structural damage
  • Reduced throughput
  • Loss of product

There are many ineffective products and solutions in this technically difficult area and MHP clients avoid this pitfall by utilising our expertise and experience in a wide range of applications over many years.

Effective spillage control is best achieved by the application of several measures including:

  • Overall assessment of system suitability for the required task
  • Belt alignment control
  • Belt scrapers
  • Loading point management
  • Skirt systems
  • Correct loading and discharge chute design

Effective belt scrapers are relatively costly items and it is sensible to put a managed maintenance regime in place from the outset. Effective management of this process is supported by MHP service reports which we can prove can deliver industry lowest costs over many years.

Unfortunately the industry has experienced a series of less than successful designs over the years which have failed to deliver their promised performance. MHP has a long record of overcoming these problems and delivering the lowest cost per tonne which is our goal.

MHP has a 25 year history of co-operation with the Technicgum company in Belgium , who are leading specialists in the design of effective spillage control equipment and we have recently agreed a new, exclusive distribution agreement with Technicgum International SA.